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Terms & Conditions

Authenticity Guaranteed!

Brand Bag Girl, LLC will only ship to the address associated with this invoice. The address is not able to be changed by Brand Bag Girl as per Terms and Conditions. All fees, including but not limited to late fees and abandoned deposits are not refundable for any reason. Should these terms and conditions be dishonored for any reason, the buyer agrees to forfeit the $150 non-refundable deposit and will be issued a partial refund of all amounts paid outside of the deposit and late fees. All deposit payments for payment plans or payment in full payments for live sales or requests must be paid within an hour of receiving your invoice.

Should the buyer initiate a charge back for ANY reason or attempt to commit fraud in any way, ALL legal actions will be taken with local, federal and state authorities. Brand Bag Girl, LLC reserves the right to litigate and collect payment by any means possible, including but not limited to criminal prosecution, civil suit and collections.  By paying this invoice, signing for and/or receiving the item, the buyer agrees to all of these terms and conditions.
These terms and conditions also apply to the buyer’s bank and or credit card used to make this purchase.

The item sold has been fully described as via Instagram and by Instagram messenger using photos and written content. Brand Bag Girl gives no warranty or guarantee of workmanship. The item has been fully inspected by the Brand Bag Girl team prior to shipping to the Buyer.  If the item shows any kind of defects in the future, the cost to repair the item falls solely on the buyer. It is understood that these items may be vintage and will not smell new. Any foul odors have been disclosed upon purchase.

The buyer is purchasing this bag “AS IS”. Returns are accepted on a case by case basis ONLY and will be accepted up to 30 days after delivery. If your item is approved for return, Buyer will be refunded upon the receipt, processing and inspection of the item. Item must be returned in the same, unused condition and a 20% restocking fee will apply to ALL items. No Buyers Remorse. Buyer agrees to research dimensions, styles, strap lengths, etc PRIOR to purchase. Buyer agrees to the terms without exception. Buyer agrees to sign for item or retrieve it at their local post office should they not be home. Buyer understands that if their courier should leave the item on their doorstep and elect to bypass signature, Brand Bag Girl is not liable for such decisions and all future attempts to retrieve any lost or stolen items should be done between Buyer and their courier.

The $150 deposit for personal shopping AND payment plans is non refundable in any case unless Brand Bag Girl cannot fulfill the terms of the agreement. This includes but is not limited to: financial changes, buyers remorse, or anything unrelated to the sourcing or authenticity of the item.

By initiating a personal shopping request and placing your deposit of $150, you are committing to purchasing this item. Should you cancel your personal shopping request for any reason that is not agreed upon between you and Brand Bag Girl, LLC, you will lose your deposit(s). This is including, but not limited to: buyers remorse, finding it elsewhere, etc. Full conversation transcripts are available upon request and conversations regarding purchases are through Instagram only. Any payment plan must be fulfilled in full by the agreed upon date. All correspondence should be done through Instagram messenger only and serve as our official Agreement. Buyers who commit to pay in full upon the sourcing, cleaning and authentication of a personal shopping request commit to do so within 24 hours of receiving photos from Brand Bag Girl. Should Brand Bag Girl not receive full payment within 24 hours the deposit for the  item will be forfeit and the item will be resold. Proper and prompt communication is necessary when placing a request and if that is not possible, Buyer is not to initiate a personal shopping request.
BBG purchases any Personal Shopping request with a $150 non refundable deposit that goes toward the total price of your item, this deposit simply ensures that the client has the intention to purchase if the item passes inspection. Each request meets Brand Bag Girl’s specific quality standards- no canvas fading, stains, tears, rips, etc. The item arrives to Brand Bag Girl for cleaning, inspection and authentication and Buyer either continues their payment plan or pays in full within 24 hours. Your personal shopping request will be purchased as soon as its located and should arrive to BBG within 10 business days.

Payment plans require a $150 non refundable deposit and you’ll pay the rest at your own pace within 8 weeks via this invoice. The payment plan due date is firm. It is the buyers responsibility to keep track of their payment plans. A $50 a week late fee applies up to 3 weeks, (day 1 late, day 8 late, day 15 late) and then the item is relisted and any surplus payment outside of the deposit and late fees will be refunded. BBG will be shipping with USPS Priority Shipping with Signature Delivery. Seller will ship the bag to the address on file only. Buyer agrees in selecting the correct address BEFORE making the payment.


Thank you. I hope you enjoy your new to you item.

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