About Us

Brand Bag Girl was founded in January 2019 with one goal in mind - making luxury attainable to the average person. With unbeatable prices, guaranteed quality, and authenticity at the forefront of our priorities, Brand Bag Girl is more than a seller of preloved goods, rather a full service luxury concierge. Every item sold by Brand Bag Girl is professionally cleaned, authenticated, and ready for it's new home. Whether your needs are consignment, cleaning, personal shopping, or flexible payment plans, Brand Bag Girl can more than meet your needs.

What does Brand Bag Girl’s Authenticity Guarantee mean to you as a buyer?

trust in your seller

Complete trust in your seller knowing that we take your large purchases very seriously and you will be receiving what you are paying for. Every time!

trust in your payments

All transactions are bank backed, meaning your payments are coming straight to us, no third party apps and payments are secure.

legally sourced Items

The pre-owned luxury items are ethically and legally sourced within our extensive network. Further, we pay our taxes, pay our employees and contribute charitably.

Investment for the future

Your new-to-you luxury item is an investment, something that if cared for can be resold for the same amount or MORE should you ever need the funds or just want a new style.